Government Affairs

  • Appear before Senate and House Committees to advocate the client’s position on legislative initiatives.
  • Work with legislators and staff to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Assist clients to prepare for appearances before legislative committees and meetings with legislators.
  • Participate in Industry Coalitions to enact or oppose bills that affect the client’s industry.
  • Provide guidance to clients on the effect of legislation on its business operations in Maryland.
  • Monitor and track legislative activity and provide weekly updates to clients during the legislative session.

Regulatory Agencies

  • Appear before Executive Agencies of the State to advocate the client’s positions on existing and pending regulations.
  • Assist clients to prepare for meetings with regulators.
  • Assist clients in resolving regulatory inquiries and objections to their business practices in the State.               
  • Monitor, interpret, and provide guidance to clients on proposed and enacted regulations.